The Stand Out Factor


  • Be able to improvise any scene on the spot…Casting Directors will be amazed!
  • The 3 Simple Rules of Improv to be an Improv Master no matter what’s thrown at you, even if you have a lousy scene partner
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  • The 8 easy instructional words that will transform you into an IMPROV MASTER
  • The Counter-Intuitive SECRET SKILL that budding actors have the most trouble with and how to overcome it in less than a minute!
  • How to bring a scene to LIFE to make casting directors think your child has been acting for YEARS
  • NEVER have a boring scene again! See actual before and after examples with real students demonstrating these secret techniques!
  • Better your chances to work with the BIGGEST STARS IN THE INDUSTRY!!!
  • Worksheet with 23 improv scenarios for your child to practice
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  • …and so much more!

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