Audition Superhero


  • 6 FULL VIDEO MODULES of the Best Online Acting Training for kids on the Planet, by one of the world’s most foremost child acting coaches!
  • Also includes the Stand Out Factor (read more…)
  • DOZENS of Before and After examples of actual students acting out the techniques… Your child gets to see what NOT to do and how to do it right… YOU as a parent get to know what to look for to guide and assist them
  • How to Leverage Personality and How to Create Characters
  • ROCK Commercial and Theatrical Auditions so your child is prepared for ANY audition type
  • Become Irresistible to Casting Directors
  • The Chatterbox Technique which will bring the shyest kids out of their shell
  • That ever-important but misunderstood skill on How to use Cue Cards
  • The Bounce Technique to make your child SHINE at auditions
  • How to Make Risky Choices to get your child noticed
  • How to Create Memorable Characters and give unique auditions with DEPTH
  • The Slice of Life Technique that will have Casting Directors talking about your child for hours!
  • How Being Silly can be made into a Bookable Quality
  • How to be natural and leverage “just being you” with Energy
  • What “Slating” is, why it’s important, and how to do it correctly so that Producers will watch your child
  • …and so much more!

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