Helen Gordon Acting Coach on set of hit TV show The Haunted HathawaysHelen Gordon Acting Coach on set of the movie Santa Hunters

Helen Gordon Acting Coach on set of the movie Twang

Helen Gordon Acting Coach on set of the TV show Bucket and Skinner


  • Rico Rodriguez : Actor, Star of Modern Family
    • He praises Anzalone for her guidance. “I had a mumbling problem when I started out because I get excited and talk really fast. She really helped me with that”
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  • Amy Jo Berman : Vice President of Feature Casting , HBO Films
    • “Helen’s clients consistently deliver outstanding auditions with a natural style and inspired choices. When mothers ask me for a referral, Helen’s name is the only one I give them.”


  • Stuart Stone : Stuart Stone Casting
    • “Stars come out of this class. Why would you go anywhere else?”


  • Jody Alexander : Director-Young Peoples Dept.Clear Talent Group
    • “HELEN ANZALONE is a great teacher. She teaches her students to act, listen, take direction and learn form each other—all in an incredibly fun environment.AND IT IS FUN!
      As a private coach she nurtures her students and helps challenge them as they deal with complex material for auditions, callbacks and bookings.
      We have seen the success rate of our clients increase because of Helen’s involvement. That is why it is so easy for me to recommend her. AND I DO!”


  • Bill Naoum : Talent Agent, Commercial Talent
    • “I love the special way Helen teaches and inspires her students to not only be their best talent wise but to also be themselves…to let their essence and soul enter their work. My actors who study with Helen book because they’re real and not robots.”