Helen is now offering Online Master Courses! Each master course is focused on helping your child’s acting career soar to new heights.
Improv is when you create a scene on the spot with no preparation. Mastering Improv is essential to having good auditions. It is all about teaching your child to “think on their feet” but there are rules that if your child understands and implements, they will make a lasting impression on the Casting Directors and Producers and make it more likely for them to CHOOSE your child instead of the 100’s of others that will show up for a key audition.


  • Be able to improvise any scene on the spot…Casting Directors will be amazed!
  • The 3 Simple Rules of Improv to be an Improv Master no matter what’s thrown at you, even if you have a lousy scene partner
  • How to think on your feet to CRUSH theatrical scenes that don’t have any dialogue but where you’re expected to perform anyway
  • The 8 easy instructional words that will transform you into an IMPROV MASTER
  • The Counter-Intuitive SECRET SKILL that budding actors have the most trouble with and how to overcome it in less than a minute!
  • How to bring a scene to LIFE to make casting directors think your child has been acting for YEARS
  • NEVER have a boring scene again! See actual before and after examples with real students demonstrating these secret techniques!
  • Better your chances to work with the BIGGEST STARS IN THE INDUSTRY!!!
  • An Added, Secret BONUS CHALLENGE to bring your Audition Skills to the next level
  • …and much, MUCH more!


Help your child’s acting career, let them CRUSH their next audition, and land the next gig!

Oh, and get them the BEST chance to work with the BIGGEST STARS in Hollywood as they become an Audition Superhero!


  • 6 FULL VIDEO MODULES of the Best Online Acting Training for kids on the Planet, by one of the world’s most foremost child acting coaches!
  • DOZENS of Before and After examples of actual students acting out the techniques… Your child gets to see what NOT to do and how to do it right… YOU as a parent get to know what to look for to guide and assist them
  • How to Leverage Personality and How to Create Characters
  • ROCK Commercial and Theatrical Auditions so your child is prepared for ANY audition type
  • Become Irresistible to Casting Directors
  • The Chatterbox Technique which will bring the shyest kids out of their shell
  • That ever-important but misunderstood skill on How to use Cue Cards
  • The Bounce Technique to make your child SHINE at auditions
  • How to Make Risky Choices to get your child noticed
  • How to Create Memorable Characters and give unique auditions with DEPTH
  • The Slice of Life Technique that will have Casting Directors talking about your child for hours!
  • How Being Silly can be made into a Bookable Quality
  • How to be natural and leverage “just being you” with Energy
  • What “Slating” is, why it’s important, and how to do it correctly so that Producers will watch your child
  • …and much, MUCH more!


Get feedback on a scene of your child acting on video. Help develop your child’s acting career so they can CRUSH their next audition, and land the next gig!

When child actors KNOW HOW TO AUDITION, they get more callbacks. Being noticed by Casting Directors is how you get started.


  • Simply send a 1-2 minute video of your child doing a scene or commercial.
  • Helen will PERSONALLY review the scene, identify any problem areas, and help your child sharpen their acting skills with advice and guidance that will make a difference.
  • Your child will see what NOT to do and learn how to do it right… YOU as a parent will get to know what to look for to guide and assist them.
  • Be better prepared for your next audition.
  • Become Irresistible to Casting Directors.
  • Learn how to overcome whatever might be a barrier to getting more callbacks or booking jobs.


Give your child the BEST chance to work with the BIGGEST STARS in Hollywood with live weekly coaching from Helen Gordon!

$47 per Month

  • 4 GROUP CALLS A MONTH, one hour per week with Helen Gordon, one of the world’s most foremost child acting coaches!
  • The Ultimate Competive Edge with $1000 Value Every Single Month! Helen’s private coaching is $250/hr. You get AT LEAST 4 hours of personal access to her each & every month!
  • Role Playing or Scene HOTSEATS where your child will get the chance to act out a script, live on a call with Helen and get immediate feedback to change a mediocre performance into a WORLD CLASS PERFORMANCE
  • Every Single Session Recorded in an ever-growing Audio Library so you never have to worry about missing a call!
  • Have your child act in front of a Live Audience of their peers, or learn from those in the hotseat…
  • PLUS we’ll occasionally bring in Special Guests that could include actual Casting Directors and Producers, Former Students who made it to the Big Screen, Child Stars, Hollywood Stars, and more!
  • GET THE INSIDE EDGE! Private Facebook Group Access so you can connect with Helen and other members in between calls…
  • Move Your Child FASTER to a Career in Show Biz, with MUCH LESS EFFORT from them OR you!
  • And you’re never locked in… try us out, and if you’re not completely WOWED by what we offer and the transformation that your child undergoes, simply cancel your monthly subscription at any time, take all the lessons learned, and you never owe us another dime. It doesn’t get much better than this!
  • …and so much more!